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Visit us at PDAC 2021

8-11 March 2021

The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention (PDAC) is virtual this year.

Australia Minerals PDAC International Stage presentation

Seminar details

In 2021, Australia Minerals will participate in PDAC’s International Stage program.

Our 30 minute session will feature short and punchy presentations focussing on Australian minerals exploration, innovative geoscience, and opportunities and developments across the mining supply chain.

Australia’s resources industry thrives in partnership with international investment and offers investors one of the highest returns on exploration investment in the world. Industry, government and academia work together to support exploration and mining, and participation in the Australian mining sector is an opportunity to gain exposure to the world’s best practices.

Join us as Australia Minerals provides a unique insight into Australia’s prosperous minerals investment potential.

Australia: World-class geoscience and investment opportunities

Tuesday 9 March 2021
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm, Toronto time


Minister’s message
Hon Keith Pitt MP, Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia

Australia’s minerals programs: Meeting the challenges of our changing world
Dr Andrew Heap, Chief—Minerals, Energy and Groundwater Division, Geoscience Australia

Victoria: Golden opportunities for a new generation of explorers
Cameron Cairns, Manager Minerals Geoscience, Geological Survey of Victoria

Minerals Investment Opportunities: Tasmania 2021
Dr Andrew McNeill, Chief Government Geologist, Mineral Resources Tasmania

South Australia: Building on our strengths
Rohan Cobcroft, Director Geological Survey of South Australia, Department for Mining and Energy

Downstream Processing: Critical Minerals
Michele Spencer, Director Minerals and Petroleum Resources, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, Western Australia

New frontiers in northern Australia: Northern Territory 2021
Dr Ian Scrimgeour, Executive Director, Northern Territory Geological Survey

Queensland: Overview and Update
Tony Knight, Chief Government Geologist, Geological Survey of Queensland

More to be found in NSW: Uncovering opportunity
Dr John Greenfield, Director Geoscience Acquisition and Synthesis, Geological Survey of New South Wales

Other Australia Minerals presentations


PDAC International Stage Presentation
Wednesday 10 March, 4:30PM EST
South Australia

PDAC Cutting Edge Session
Thursday 11 March, 12.18PM EST
University of Queensland: Microbial and phyto-(plant-based) extraction of REEs are being investigated, which may produce less tailings, vapours and acidic wastewater

PDAC Exploration Insights: New Geological Concepts session
Wednesday 10 March, 6PM EST
Rob Duncan, Geological Survey of Victoria/Department of Jobs: Lessons from the Bendigo Zone, Australia—the key geological ingredients for one of the world’s richest gold districts

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Come and visit the Australia Minerals team:

Geological Survey of New South Wales (Australia Minerals)
Geological Survey of Victoria (Australia Minerals)
Geoscience Australia (Australia Minerals)
Mineral Resources Tasmania (Australia Minerals)
Northern Territory Geological Survey (Australia Minerals)
South Australia, Government of (Australia Minerals)
Western Australia, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (Australia Minerals)

For a PDF copy of the presentations given at the Australia Minerals Pavilion from March 1-3 2020 click the links below: